we and our diving instructer Alex

Fuuck today was horrible. Got home around 5 and at 10 we were supose to check out. sleept maybe 3h and woke up witht he worst hangover ever. i guees it was something with ilness from some food aswell and yeah...never alcohol again haha... though i guees im gonna be pulled right back into tonight ;)

So yesterday we took our scubadiving licence! sooo coool! went diving on 18meters in the middle of the ocean and it was so beatiful and peacefull... its like u cant belive what your eyes is seeing! and they recored it all so there is a really cool video for aboput 1000bhat we'r gonna buy and hopufully get it on youetube or something! would be awesome if u all could see it :D:D untill then, here is a teaser from some other divers on koh tao :))


So tonight we'r gonna go and see a dragqueen show here. gonna be kinda cool i guees :))
dont have to much time now but gonna keep it updated :D


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