First dive in the ocean!!!

OMG!!! Can't belive it! today we went divin for the first time in the ocean, and u know what i saw?? NEMOOO hahahaah; though he was black but anyway :D Shit it's so amazing to be able to breath under the surface. we went down 12meters today and swam around beautiful corals and fishes! i'm so happy i did this. and tomrow we'r going to take our certification and have our b\deepest dive at 18meters. and there is a chanse to see bullsharks or whalesharks....fucked up :D

Now we'r all sitting here, 5girls, at one computer each, for the first time uploading pictures. we bbeen to thailand for 2weeks now and well...soo much has happend allready! gonna make a breath summery now:

first snowsotrm in sthlm. cant belive it, soo cold and we ...balblabal come back on this later ion haha

BANKOK 4days

Crazy ass city! so much life u kinda get dizzy just standing in the middle of it. We went shopping at the worlds biggest marketplace and it truly was like a labyrynth. when u gone lost, almost impossible to get back. but hey, kinda like getting lost in a place where u can shop untill you drop for about 20euros and get tons of clothes, stuff, watches, sunglasses, u name it :D

Then we went out with some swedish guys we meet on our plane to Koshan road taking some beer towers (dunno how many liters that is..but its certinly enough) and then later of to this big club. it was kinda empty though so we and some plp from NZ got the party started and got the plp in there up dancing. shit we should get paid for taht :D haha

We also gone shopping at MBK and its crazy. Like 5 planes of huuuge shopping with everything!!! i got a camera witch i loove (cuz of the panorama function :)) and a watch and some skins for my PSP. pink of course ;)

China town was really amazing aswell. a part of bankok whitch has all the chinese food and stuff u can imagen.  really discusting though... i dont think i feel like i need to go to china to be honest. just cuz of the food haha.

Last night in bankok we gone to koshan road. we wanted to go to a pin pong show...hehe.. but we changed our minds and meet some cool aussis and just hanged around with them untill sunrise. It's amazing how many cool plp u meet. like allready after 2weeks we meet soo many plp who jsut like us just wanna have fun, meet other plp with the same spirits and urge for adventure!!! :D

Sooo then we gone on the night buss to the islands on the south east part of thailand. coming back with that later on :))

Postat av: rebecka

åhå! vad allting verkar fantastiskt! i lund kan man också dyka. i snöhögar.

2010-02-11 @ 21:41:17

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