Crazy scooter and boattrips on our last days in Koh tao

Sooo now we spent a day on moterbikes and on day on the paradise islands outside of koh tao! its amazing beautiful!! couldt belive it. and on the motorbikes..hahaha fucked up, the roads are crazy and i think we ar ethe only ones on the whole island wearing a helmet haha :D|

soo after a craaazy night last night (cuz it was the last, our bartenders surtenly made sure we had a lot of fun) we'r going now to Phuket, krabi, phiphi and so on :))

getting some tan now, feels realyl good cuz whe i sawthe pics back from bankok i cant belive i was taht white!! haha but all of u guys back home in sweden are still soo nananana ;)

GTG more coming up!!!



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