9h on a boat whitch was sinking :O

(beach on koh tao which we got to by driving crazy scooters :D)

Fucked up party!

So finally we arrived to Phuket. a place niether of us really wanna be at but we had to go here to sort some things our from the robbery (tell more abut that whole f'cking story some other time); Anyway the trip from Koh tao till here took about 15h. 9h on a boat and 6h on a buss. the boat was really pretty nice. everyone had a bed in this big room toghert with maybe 100 other backpackers. Aircon and pillows for free, what more can u ask as a packer? ;) the prob was taht for me though... SHIT shit boat was pretty big but anyway i thought it was gonna tip over. im really fussy about such things with water BUT everybody else seemed to trust the thailandish boatdrivers so i guees i had to aswell... but i was pretty sure i was gonna wake up and be lieing in the roof of the boat not coming out hehe :)) over to the buss... the skumpiest *can u say that in english??)) buss EVER almost like ridding a horse..my ass killed me but then i had some discusting 7eleven banana=chokolate cake and gone to sleep (waking up every 10th minute but hey:))

(why im i always wearing the same piece of clothes?? haha...

Nu tittar jag ner pa mina ben och faaaan, bruden borjar fa farg :D amazing,. de tog bara 2,5vecka i thailand hahaha..men de e typ omojligt for man kan inte ga fran att vara januari blek till neger pa 1vecka. fan va vi har smorjt in oss och brant oss men nu borjar de komma.. och fargen ar har for att stanna AMAZING >D hahaah

And we also were at this buddhis temlpe today and got a private show (haha how does that sound to u? ;)) around the grounds and telling us out the belif they have. really really intresting. if i would be in a religion it would deffintly be buddism. its a far more peacefull religion thean eny other.

now we'r of to do some serious shopping. new ipod, phone, memorycard (fucking thiefs) and new CLOTHES hahahaha... im so sick of everything i got. just wanna thorw it away really :))

Have a nice day in the snow back home :)) hihi

KOORVEST hahaha :D



Postat av: Åsa

alltså buddhismen är väl rätt mysig men har för mig att dom har rätt usel kvinnosyn, så ja. Inget för mig. Inte för att kristendomen är bättre :P

2010-02-21 @ 15:51:37

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