shiiiit... im 21 now. how did i became that old so fast?? haha seems like yesterday i was in st anton celebrating my 20th. or in val thorens for 19, or sthlm 18, check republic fr 17 and 16...and on and on i hav't been home for my birthday once on 9years i think! its awesome! gonna keep this tradtion up!

this morning i said to my freinds...okey admn..so im 21 now..that mean im almost 30?? hahahaha raelly bad math there but it feels like i have to start taking things a bit more serious soon and start study and stuff. buuut hey, no worries about that when im at this wonderfull paradise islands. now were at Railey island and the mountains and cliffs here is amaaazing! rock climbers from all over the world.

but now i gotta stop this. sitting on facebook on my birthday haha... but we did some more things today. watched a movie and fallen asleep for lunch..then to the beach swiming to another beach. just to swim back and die in the sun. soo now we'r going out for some dinner and partying. we'r gonna try to get some life in this dead litle place haha :D it always work. who dosent wanna party with 6 hot swedish girls ;)

sooo Have a nice day everyone!!


Postat av: Prillan

GRATTIS SOFIA! Love you!:) (De va väl en bra första kommentar på bloggen?:D)

2010-02-21 @ 14:13:44
Postat av: Anonym

Grattis sötis, jag läser även om jag inte alltid kommenterar :D

2010-02-21 @ 15:43:58

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