Party party party party party party!

yesterday we saw and elephant :)

over and out ...haha

En knasig kvall

klipporna pa railey

aa, har ju haft battre dagar an idag ma jag saga :D haha igar firades jag och det var en valdigt sjuk kvall. borjae med middags buffe pa ett fint stalle. 6 hungriga svenska tjejer som hamtar mer mat 4ganger var och jag tror de ggick med forlust att ha oss dar. vi kaka upp allt!!! hahaha sen satt vi med uppknappta byxor och undrade hur man skulle kunna fa plats med en drink ens.  eller jag tankte de.
10minter senare sitter v pa ett utomhussbalkong over stranden med massa skona manniskor och helt plotsligt star 4 jattefina goda f\drinkar framfor mig pa bordet! och ja sen kan ni rakna ut resten sjalva haha :D dar va en killa som spelade live musik for mig och jag fick en happy birthday song fran hnm :D haha jag rodnar alltid lika mkt nar sant hander..att man aldrig lar sig :D

sen fick de ju med sig pa resturangen ett helt killgang att borja sjunga fr mig under middagen ocksa! jag blev helt paff o ba men vafan kommer alla roseter ifran :D hahaha bruuudarna e sooo skona! aven om jag suttit i en liten grotta ngnstans skulle ja ha en trevlig fodelsedag med dem :D

Stalet vi e pa ar valdigt litet och de e inte mkt folk som festar men vi lyckades enda fa igen en bar och tillslut stod alla och dansade till the killers, spice girls...ja allt mojligt u name it :;)

sen traffade vi vara goa goteborgare som vi trffade pa koh phangang! skiitkul, vi ahde inte en anning om att de va har. sa slutade med att vi snacka skit med dem och shotade  fram tills 6 da va de dags att ga hem och lagga sig.

Riiiiikigt naajs fodelsedag! tack brudar och alla andra som grattat hemafran sverige!

Pusss och gos! <3 /////// S

da var dygnet vant

efter en omvandning pa kvallen igar blev det riktigt bra! Thailandare ar sjuka och helt underbara. Svenska kan vara dryga och man skams. Idag slapade vi oss upp sa vi kunde fa en natt till, for att ja sen sova, kolla pa film och sova lite till. vi alla var iaf eniga om att vi inte skulle till stranden. nu antar jag att vi ska ata lite till och sen, ja antagligen 'fira' att det ar australiensarnas sista kvall har. och antagliegn var ocksa. ja just det, vi ska nog bestamma var vi ska imorgon ocksa kanske. vore nog bra!

Livet har ar med andra ord nastan lite for chill, och jag kan fa kanslan som jag hade i oslo ett antal ganger: vad fan gor jag har?! vi har det bra =)


shiiiit... im 21 now. how did i became that old so fast?? haha seems like yesterday i was in st anton celebrating my 20th. or in val thorens for 19, or sthlm 18, check republic fr 17 and 16...and on and on i hav't been home for my birthday once on 9years i think! its awesome! gonna keep this tradtion up!

this morning i said to my freinds...okey admn..so im 21 now..that mean im almost 30?? hahahaha raelly bad math there but it feels like i have to start taking things a bit more serious soon and start study and stuff. buuut hey, no worries about that when im at this wonderfull paradise islands. now were at Railey island and the mountains and cliffs here is amaaazing! rock climbers from all over the world.

but now i gotta stop this. sitting on facebook on my birthday haha... but we did some more things today. watched a movie and fallen asleep for lunch..then to the beach swiming to another beach. just to swim back and die in the sun. soo now we'r going out for some dinner and partying. we'r gonna try to get some life in this dead litle place haha :D it always work. who dosent wanna party with 6 hot swedish girls ;)

sooo Have a nice day everyone!!


kill it, fuck it

This is it, Here I stand
I’m the light of the world
I'll feel grand
Got this love, I can feel
And I know, Yes for sure
It is real

har haft laten i huvudet utan att riktigt veta vad han sjunger, frustrearande...

manana manana, kuckeliku-klockan-ar-sju!


Ehhh...wtf happend with the..

2weeks in thailand and i allready wasted 1000euros...on..what?
okey some has been stolen and some on a new camera but anyway;
shit.. think i need to get a job first thing in aussie haha :O

2kronors shop in phuket, exactly as cheap as it looks hahaha

Over and out

By the way

yesterday i smashed all of Kajsas fingers in the car... and all taht came out of her mouth was...ihhhhhhh. Craazy but shes all right; after some shopping she forgotten about it ...soo u see how easy to take something out of a girls mind with some shopping :D

now we'r of to Phi Phi, hopfully at least. we dont wanna stay in phuket one more day haha;

Pusss och gull! / S


O...m...g hahaha. its 2.30 in the night here and we just got home from 4-5h of shopping in the night. a huge market here in phuket around a big buddah tempel. amazing. and not that many turists belive it or not :))
i bought so much shit stuff haha..dunno what im gonna do with it all :D but its craaazy how mush u can get for about 20euros. shoes, clothes, jewerys, sunglases...haha gotta love it.

now im gonna die in my bed for a while and tomrow we go to Phi Pho  for some party :)


Natti nattii //sofff


Efter 9 underbara dagar har vi nu anlant till Phuket, varmt o svettigt men snart har vi fixat allt med nytt pass o allt, ska bli harligt o fo det overstokat. Koh Tao var verkligen underbart, kandes som att vi bodde dar eftersom vi stannade so lange o hann lara kanna so mkt folk dar, otroligt monag som flyttar dit o stannar flera dagar.
  Idag har vi faktikst varit lite kulturella, tro det eller ej! Vi fick oss en privat visning i ett tempel o blev lite buddistiska en stund. nu ska vi shoppa i massor po nattmarknaden!!:D

9h on a boat whitch was sinking :O

(beach on koh tao which we got to by driving crazy scooters :D)

Fucked up party!

So finally we arrived to Phuket. a place niether of us really wanna be at but we had to go here to sort some things our from the robbery (tell more abut that whole f'cking story some other time); Anyway the trip from Koh tao till here took about 15h. 9h on a boat and 6h on a buss. the boat was really pretty nice. everyone had a bed in this big room toghert with maybe 100 other backpackers. Aircon and pillows for free, what more can u ask as a packer? ;) the prob was taht for me though... SHIT shit boat was pretty big but anyway i thought it was gonna tip over. im really fussy about such things with water BUT everybody else seemed to trust the thailandish boatdrivers so i guees i had to aswell... but i was pretty sure i was gonna wake up and be lieing in the roof of the boat not coming out hehe :)) over to the buss... the skumpiest *can u say that in english??)) buss EVER almost like ridding a horse..my ass killed me but then i had some discusting 7eleven banana=chokolate cake and gone to sleep (waking up every 10th minute but hey:))

(why im i always wearing the same piece of clothes?? haha...

Nu tittar jag ner pa mina ben och faaaan, bruden borjar fa farg :D amazing,. de tog bara 2,5vecka i thailand hahaha..men de e typ omojligt for man kan inte ga fran att vara januari blek till neger pa 1vecka. fan va vi har smorjt in oss och brant oss men nu borjar de komma.. och fargen ar har for att stanna AMAZING >D hahaah

And we also were at this buddhis temlpe today and got a private show (haha how does that sound to u? ;)) around the grounds and telling us out the belif they have. really really intresting. if i would be in a religion it would deffintly be buddism. its a far more peacefull religion thean eny other.

now we'r of to do some serious shopping. new ipod, phone, memorycard (fucking thiefs) and new CLOTHES hahahaha... im so sick of everything i got. just wanna thorw it away really :))

Have a nice day in the snow back home :)) hihi

KOORVEST hahaha :D




kanske ska man bli buddhist och ga i kloster (gor man det? eller gar man i tempel). vi blev omedvetet guidade av en munk, som inte alls fick rora eller prata med kvinnor och hade valdigt svart att halla ogonen borta fran vara forbjudna bara ben. otroligt intressant. sa kulturella blev vi i pukhet. for ovrigt ak INTE till pukhet, det forsta vi gjorde nar vi kom hit var att ta reda pa hur vi kommer har ifran. (Vill papeka att vi inte akte hit med mening...) Det finns inget att gora i staden och stranderna sags vara outhardliga, men vi for tillfalet nu 6 tjejer har det sjukt bra som vanligt anda =)

ska man tatuera sig kanske? och for ovrigt ska vi alla (5 st) till borneo, fantastiskt ju!


Crazy scooter and boattrips on our last days in Koh tao

Sooo now we spent a day on moterbikes and on day on the paradise islands outside of koh tao! its amazing beautiful!! couldt belive it. and on the motorbikes..hahaha fucked up, the roads are crazy and i think we ar ethe only ones on the whole island wearing a helmet haha :D|

soo after a craaazy night last night (cuz it was the last, our bartenders surtenly made sure we had a lot of fun) we'r going now to Phuket, krabi, phiphi and so on :))

getting some tan now, feels realyl good cuz whe i sawthe pics back from bankok i cant belive i was taht white!! haha but all of u guys back home in sweden are still soo nananana ;)

GTG more coming up!!!



we and our diving instructer Alex

Fuuck today was horrible. Got home around 5 and at 10 we were supose to check out. sleept maybe 3h and woke up witht he worst hangover ever. i guees it was something with ilness from some food aswell and yeah...never alcohol again haha... though i guees im gonna be pulled right back into tonight ;)

So yesterday we took our scubadiving licence! sooo coool! went diving on 18meters in the middle of the ocean and it was so beatiful and peacefull... its like u cant belive what your eyes is seeing! and they recored it all so there is a really cool video for aboput 1000bhat we'r gonna buy and hopufully get it on youetube or something! would be awesome if u all could see it :D:D untill then, here is a teaser from some other divers on koh tao :))


So tonight we'r gonna go and see a dragqueen show here. gonna be kinda cool i guees :))
dont have to much time now but gonna keep it updated :D

First dive in the ocean!!!

OMG!!! Can't belive it! today we went divin for the first time in the ocean, and u know what i saw?? NEMOOO hahahaah; though he was black but anyway :D Shit it's so amazing to be able to breath under the surface. we went down 12meters today and swam around beautiful corals and fishes! i'm so happy i did this. and tomrow we'r going to take our certification and have our b\deepest dive at 18meters. and there is a chanse to see bullsharks or whalesharks....fucked up :D

Now we'r all sitting here, 5girls, at one computer each, for the first time uploading pictures. we bbeen to thailand for 2weeks now and well...soo much has happend allready! gonna make a breath summery now:

first snowsotrm in sthlm. cant belive it, soo cold and we ...balblabal come back on this later ion haha

BANKOK 4days

Crazy ass city! so much life u kinda get dizzy just standing in the middle of it. We went shopping at the worlds biggest marketplace and it truly was like a labyrynth. when u gone lost, almost impossible to get back. but hey, kinda like getting lost in a place where u can shop untill you drop for about 20euros and get tons of clothes, stuff, watches, sunglasses, u name it :D

Then we went out with some swedish guys we meet on our plane to Koshan road taking some beer towers (dunno how many liters that is..but its certinly enough) and then later of to this big club. it was kinda empty though so we and some plp from NZ got the party started and got the plp in there up dancing. shit we should get paid for taht :D haha

We also gone shopping at MBK and its crazy. Like 5 planes of huuuge shopping with everything!!! i got a camera witch i loove (cuz of the panorama function :)) and a watch and some skins for my PSP. pink of course ;)

China town was really amazing aswell. a part of bankok whitch has all the chinese food and stuff u can imagen.  really discusting though... i dont think i feel like i need to go to china to be honest. just cuz of the food haha.

Last night in bankok we gone to koshan road. we wanted to go to a pin pong show...hehe.. but we changed our minds and meet some cool aussis and just hanged around with them untill sunrise. It's amazing how many cool plp u meet. like allready after 2weeks we meet soo many plp who jsut like us just wanna have fun, meet other plp with the same spirits and urge for adventure!!! :D

Sooo then we gone on the night buss to the islands on the south east part of thailand. coming back with that later on :))


Idag har vi gjort vort forsta dyk ute i havet, amacing!fantastiskt kansla att kunna andas po 12 meters djup nere bland en massa haftiga fiskar. Annu en gong har vi inlett kvallen med en helt magisk solnedgong sen blev det aven lite fotbollsspelande med ett gang mini thailandare haha. Imorn blir det mer dykning o sen partaj de lux med vor kara instruktor;)..


After almost 2weeks in thailand we got our blogg started! So much has allready happend and so much yet to come! Our rout is in the next coming 7months like this : Thailand, Malasyia (maybe borneo), Indonesia (bali), Aussie, New zeeland, fiji and a weekend in saudi arabia hopfully :))

Now we'r going to our first scubadiving course and sooon we'r gonna be petting with the charks ( hahaha malin is so afraid :))

more to come!!!

Greetings from 35degres Koh Thao in thailand!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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